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Feedback from previous sessions

“10/10 – Outstanding! I really liked the way you presented the transistor functionality and relation with daily life. I started looking at the MOS in a totally different way!” – Employee, Texas Instruments

“It was from basics. Clear. Comprehensive.” – Employee, Texas Instruments

“10/10 – Outstanding! Really an excellent method of teaching analog. People will get motivated for sure.” – Employee, Cypress

“Good Analogy between Analog and life…very good for beginners.” – Employee, Intel

“The effort made to generate interest in analog design is appreciable. Good amount of concepts covered at the introductory seminar level. Overall presentation is good and is definitely a crowd puller.” – Employee, Wipro Technologies

“The way Analog concepts were related to human were highly appreciable. The way the presentation was done is too good and simple.” - Employee, Wipro VLSI

“The Seminar was Outstanding. The quality of teaching, The depth of Knowledge was extraordinary. It has got me hugely interested in Analog.” – Employee, Wipro Technologies

“Seminar was excellent, the way subject was carried out with analogies was attractive and appropriate. Connecting such complex issues (analog design) to the real life activities made us get involved in the subject .I am really motivated now to do take the training and learn more. thank you” – Assistant Professor, SIT, Tumkur

“Thank you for providing this insight and onion peeling solution to understand the start of Analog design. We greatly appreciate your time and effort in imparting this knowledge. Thank you.” – Employee, Tessolve

“10 – Outstanding. The approach for the concepts was totally new and very interesting, specially the real life analogies. I felt it was put in the best way possible. No suggestions for improvements.” – Student, RVCE college

“The seminar was good and I found it interesting. The human analogy of the ideal buffer was awesome. Looking forward to join the “analog for all” course..” – Student, BVB college

“The presentation was very innovative and rich in matter. It was precise and neat , encompassing the basics and the complex. It was a good reckoning to all those interested in analog.” – Employee, Wipro

“10/10-Outstanding. It was really very good…” – Employee, KarMic

“The flow of the topics was very good i.e starting from ideal buffer to common mode feedback.” – Employee, LSI

 “Good insights on analog design” – Employee, Maxim Integrated

“10/10-Outstanding. The idea of explaining analog concepts through the analogies is an excellent idea. Good work.” – Employee, Wipro Technologies

“I particularly liked the approach in which the concepts were introduced starting from an ideal buffer to current source” – Employee, PlusRay Innovations Pvt Ltd

“Loved the analogies. also enjoyed the flow and the topics were wonderfully presented.” – Student, Indian Institute of Science

“10/10-Outstanding. The analogies were great. It gave a different perspective to understanding analog. It was like a story which was narrated really well. Enjoyed every bit of it.” – Student, RVCE College

 “Very nice as it is in real life analogy. It has got me hugely interested in Analog” – Employee, SmartPlay Technologies

“I liked the way you related analog electronics to real life. Also, the approach was excellent. It helps us keep in mind what we studied by understanding rather than just by memory.” –  Student, RVCE College

“Parallels were drawn very nicely between Human relations and Analog.  Lot of effort has gone into coming with that presentation. Nice Work” – Employee, Cypress

“Nice presentation…. Thanx alot” – Student, PESIT

 “Innovative way of teaching analog design.” – Employee, HCL Technologies

“Strenghtened my basic analog knowledge” – Student, Sapthagiri college of engineering

 “Good for students to understand the basics of analog in different perspectives as it is taught in a manner which relates with human analogy.” – Student, Sapthagiri college of engineering

“Explaining the analog concepts with the analogy was a great idea.” – Employee, SmartPlay

 “Good intuition between analog and human life.” – Student, Anna University

“Analogies are well thought out. Very well presented.” – Student, PESIT college

“10/10-Outstanding. The seminar was very interesting and it showed me what analog design can do when its done in a proper way.really helpful.” – Student, BNMIT college