2:00-5:00 PM, Aug 24th  (Saturday)

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Venue: Room No.36 (2nd floor), Cauvery School, Double Road, Indiranagar   
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Cellular technologies have evolved from the days of Analog-based 1G to the now popular 3G. At the same time, Wireless technologies have evolved from the 1 Mbps 802.11 standard to the 1+ Gbps 802.11ac standard. This seminar presents an overview of the journey of “communication without wires” over a good part of the last century. It includes an explanation of the working principle behind competing cellular standards like CDMA and GSM, technology enablers like OFDM and MIMO, as well as the convergence of Wireless and Cellular technologies in 4G.

A generic signal chain of a wireless system is presented and the function of each block in Digital baseband, Analog and RF sections explained. Key principles of digital modulation including complex I-Q modulation and Shannon’s theorem are succintly explained. A sample link budget is shown to create an appreciation of various challenges involved in the design of these systems. 


Engineers working on ICs or systems for wireless or cellular technologies will find this seminar an eye-opening look at the “big” picture. This includes those working on the digital design, analog/RF design, algorithms, software and system/ hardware aspects of these technologies. It is also a very useful re-look at concepts in a very different manner for students of engineering. A very basic Communications background is assumed.

It covered 3 subjects of my B.Tech! For the first time, I started appreciating Information theory, Shannon’s theorems, concept of complex mixing, etc. Analogies were great.- Ratna Kumar, Characterization engineer, Texas Instruments
Presentation was excellent. Analysis was quite thorough.- Rahul, Analog designer, Texas Instruments  
10/10 – Outstanding. Can’t get better!- Sourabh, System & Application engineer, Texas Instruments