2:00-5:00 PM, Aug 3rd  (Saturday)

-.   Cost: Rs.1,500 
Venue: Room No.36 (2nd floor), Cauvery School, Double Road, Indiranagar 


With a strong emphasis on signal processing in the digital domain, today’s electronics relies heavily on ADCs – the “eyes” of the signal chain to the real world.  We present a simplistic and highly intuitive derivation of different ADC architectures – FLASH, SAR, PIPELINE & SIGMA-DELTA. Each type of ADC has its unique architecture which gives it unique merits and demerits. We present each architecture as a unique solution to the following problem statement: “If I have an unknown weight and I need to estimate its weight to the resolution of 1 kg, what are the different ways I can come up with the estimate?” Each method of solving this problem gives rise to an ADC architecture!

Relying only on logic, and without cumbersome mathematical equations to worry about, a very intuitive understanding of ADCs emerges. Looked at from this intuitive manner, the merits and demerits of each architecture become immediately obvious. The application of where a given ADC architecture gets used also become very evident. The state-of-the-art ADC of each type is also briefly presented.

The speaker has led several SoC designs involving high-end ADCs and has delivered this seminar in 3 VLSI companies to more than 100 engineers.


Anyone who wants to understand the basic principles of analog to digital data conversion. Mixed signal design, test and characterization engineers, system designers and application engineers will find this a great introduction to ADC architectures, applications and tradeoffs.


“Excellent intuitive way to understand ADCs. I wish colleges teach subjects in this manner. I am sure engineers in every Semiconductor industry will benefit from this presentation.” 

-  Ramanujam (Director of Analog/RF, MaxLinear)


“Very intuitive explanations of basic concepts with the right analogies. Very much satisfying indeed.” 

- Pradeep, Broadcom


“Excellent analogies and one of the best ways to understand ADC architectures.” 

- Phaneendra, Tessolve



Feedback from the seminar 

Concepts of Sigma Delta ADC was very good and is a novel way to explain.

- Soman, TI

Presentation of different architectures with examples was really good.

- Ram, LSI

Excellent explanation of ADCs (especially Pipelined and Sigma delta). 

- Sahit, LSI