Come (re-)learn the concepts of Electronics, Communication and Electrical Engineering through our “Heart of Engineering” series of seminars spread over 10 Sundays

Each seminar will teach the foundational principles of an Electronics & Communications subject with crystal clarity and bridge the gap between basic concepts and their industry relevance! 

Learn from those who teach to the industry!


  • If you are an Engineering college student in any year of college, these seminars will make you fall in love with Engineering. Over 10 weeks, you will see an entire body of knowledge taking new shape in your head.
  • For engineers looking to do well in core job interviews, this series of seminars will serve as an ideal preparation to ramp up to industry readiness.
  • If you are an aspirant for competitive exams for higher studies (like GATE), these seminars will teach you the essential concepts you need to know.
  • If you are a working professional, the seminar will help you strengthen the “roots” to basics that will help you reconnect powerfully to your work.

To express your interest in being a part of this seminar series (and to get an update once the logistics are in place), send a mail with your Name, Email and Phone number to udupa@sahyogee.com

Stay tuned to this page for updates…