*Update*: As of Oct 1st, 2013, we are no longer doing any trainings. The urge to work on great Analog/mixed-signal products once again leads us back to the industry! The two years at Sahyogee Tech has been a roller coaster ride, and a great learning experience. We thank our corporate clients  and students who have trusted in us to help shape their careers. Some of our content will be available online shortly.

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What we (used to) do?

We bring technology-relevant education to both the industry and to the Engineering student community. We believe all domains of technology are related and hence we take a no-boundaries approach to training. As a result, we have taught the whole gamut of topics from specialized analog circuit design to Wireless LAN PHY/MAC layer to concepts in networking, ASIC flow and system design.

Exactly “how much” teaching did we do?

We have taught students from 25+ VLSI companies and 10+ Engineering colleges. Our clients included the chip design biggies. On final count, we had taught 750+ students amounting to a total of 10,000+ student-hours. Basically a lot of teaching – enough to cause some damage to the vocal cords of one of the founders!